ONE ZERO Digital Bank, Nice to Meet You

Two years ago, a group of banking and technology people embarked on a journey to build  the best bank in the world.

It was clear to us that after 40 years of there being no sign of a new bank in Israel, we

had to do things differently.

The vision of the bank’s founder, Professor Amnon Shashua, CEO and founder of Mobileye which was acquired by Intel, and one of the leaders of the vision for the autonomous car, has remained in our minds from the very first steps. Bringing innovative AI based technology to the world of banking. Creating a smart and efficient bank which will help us all to cope with the complex management of our money.

In 2019, we received a license from The Bank of Israel, became an official bank and set out on our way.

Apparently, when you #Build_a_New_Bank, from scratch, there are ample opportunities to correct things. Instead of fighting the limitations of computing systems – we built new ones; fast, smart and without limitations. Instead of scratching our heads how to finance branches and vast quantities of manpower – we relinquished the unnecessary and replaced them with technology. Instead of learning about technology – we invented it.

This is how ONE ZERO Digital Bank was born. An entire bank, with everything a bank has to offer, 100% digital, with bankers who are available around the clock to provide customer service by phone and chat.


The Human Factor

ONE ZERO Digital Bank’s staff is comprised of over 170 people, mainly from the field of development. Shouky Oren, Chairperson of the Bank, and Gal Bar Dea, the CEO, lead a management team with rich experience in banking and technological systems. Designers, developers, data, bankers – we are all here for one common goal – to build a bank we would all like to join as customers. To be the ones who solve the complicated relationships we have with our money, the ones who make things simple.

The Future

We are moving ahead at a dizzying pace. Between regulation and competition, customer experience and risk management, a new bank is being born.

We are slowly saying goodbye to the barriers of the system and literally watching it happen. Over the years, we got used to banks being pretty much the same. So, we didn’t really see a reason to change banks. We invite you to try. For the first time in Israel, there is now an independent bank based on advanced technology. This allows us to be fast and efficient, exactly how you want your bank to be. We will go live very soon, with a bank that wants to earn your trust instead of making money at your expense. A bank with no small print, but one that is radically transparent. A bank that wants you to succeed.

#Get Ready to Leave Your Bank