The One plan digital private banking

All in one place - 24/6 service, financial check-ups,
personal money management.

Full daily scan
of your accounts

AI technology scans your accounts and credit card activity each day, analyzes anomalies and opportunities for growth and develops smart solutions for your money. We call it a financial check-up.

Ongoing updates

Daily account check-up

Recommendations and insights

for proper money management

Account activity tracking

to avoid unnecessary payments

Financial managers who do it for you

Our team of experts handles your finances end-to-end, including other accounts, savings, and more

  • In the daily financial check-up, your account is reviewed and your needs are addressed.
  • Our proposals will improve your financial conduct without requiring any intervention on your part.
<span class="blue">Financial managers</span> who do it for you

Everythingin one place

  • Cash flow management
  • Capital building and growth goals are identified through the financial planning of savings and opportunities
  • nvest in Israeli and foreign securities at attractive prices and no management fees. (coming soon)
  • Our objective and personalized pension advice, including updates and building a process to improve your pension assets, will be available in the near future.
<span class="blue">Everything</span>in one place

Available at your convenience

Our team is available for any questions or consultations 24/6 via chat, and on the phone during business hours. Fast response from real people from our professional experienced financial team.

Available at your convenience

Attractive savings

plans with extremely attractive interest rates compared to the banking and finance industry - all in a simple user interface.

Attractive savings

Fixed, transparent monthly payment

including private banking services as well as an extended exemption period from hundreds of fees.
Commission schedule..

No credit card fees

International credit card with free home delivery

Exempt from current account fees

including credit allocation fee exemption

Exemption from foreign exchange fees

Including exemption from conversion, transfer and card purchase fees

Fee-free management of securities accounts

No investment portfolio maintenance fees

Bank guarantee fee exemption

Significant savings of up to NIS 1,500 per year

Loan application fee exemption

including early repayment fees and loan term changes

Two month free trial for new subscribers

The One plan, free for the first two months

Afterwards, you can enjoy all the benefits of private banking and no fee banking on a wide range of services. All for only 49 NIS per month for individual accounts and 59 NIS for joint accounts.

If you are not interested in private banking services, you can choose the Zero plan, which includes all the services you need from a bank with no subscription fees.

Two month free trial for new subscribers