Private banking.
For all.

For the first time in Israel in 43 years, a new bank has been established, and will free you from having to deal with complex finances on your own, forever!   

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Our innovative technology enables us to provide each of our clients with personal, human financial managers to manage their money for them. Only very few people today benefit from exclusive upper-level banking services.
All of this is in keeping with visionary, serial entrepreneur, and founder, Prof. Amnon Shashua whose initiatives have already changed millions of lives around the world.


We are building an entire bank, to provide you with everything you would need from a bank. Personal and joint accounts all at the click of a button, credit cards, standing orders, direct debits, loans, deposits, investments and foreign exchange. All of this and no hidden charges, for one monthly fixed fee.

*Joint accounts and investment banking coming soon!



Your personal financial manager will continuously monitor your account to identify anomalies or opportunities for growth, and update you so you are free from the mundane banking tasks.
A real person is always available for you to speak with 24/6, via chat or phone.


Your privacy, and the security of your finances are of paramount importance to us. Regulated, as are all banks by the Bank of Israel, we are subject to the most stringent standards for information security.

We Go the Extra Mile

Are You Open Minded?

What does your dream bank look like?

We’re building the kind of bank we want to be customers of ourselves! To reach our goal, we’re looking for star collaborators. Whether you’re looking to enjoy a better banking experience, or you have a startup poised to change the financial landscape and are looking for the ideal partner - we want to hear from you. Let’s connect.

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