The One+ plan digital private banking

The most beneficial option for capital market trading

A single location
for both your Investment and Banking needs

Manage both your banking and securities trading needs through one app, directly from your bank account.

Exclusive Perks

One+ clients benefit from a unique and unparalleled experience Reply

One+ clients benefit from extended exemptions

on securities trading commissions, maintenance fees, banking fees, and minimum fees (excluding third party charges)

Securities trading package

10 trades each month at no cost

The Most AttractiveTrading Package in Israel

10 trades every month included at one affordable price and available in our easy to use app.

<span class="blue">The Most Attractive</span>Trading Package in Israel

No maintenance feesNo foreign exchange commissions

for trades and no minimum commission fee (excluding third party charges).

<span class="blue">No maintenance fees</span>No foreign exchange commissions

Relaxbefore your flight

One+ clients enjoy a premium experience including access to the Ben Gurion Airport Dan Lounges (coming soon).

<span class="blue">Relax</span>before your flight

The best savings plan available

Providing the best returns in the market

<span class="blue">The best savings plan</span> available

Financial Managers Managing your account

We undertake a daily financial review of your account, assist you with any inquiries and requests, and offer recommendations to enhance your financial position without requiring any involvement on your part.

<span class="blue">Financial Managers
</span> Managing your account

Fixed, transparent monthly payment

Private banking services, capital market trading, and a broad waiver on hundreds of fees on the current account, foreign exchange, and securities transactions are all included in one fee.
Commission schedule

No credit card fees

International credit card with free home delivery

Exempt from current account fees

including credit allocation fee exemption

Exemption from foreign exchange fees

Including exemption from conversion, transfer and card purchase fees

Fee-free management of securities accounts

No investment portfolio maintenance fees

Bank guarantee fee exemption

Significant savings of up to NIS 1,500 per year

Loan application fee exemption

including early repayment fees and loan term changes

Invest in securities directly from your bank account

The One+ plan the most advantageous plan for trading in the capital markets.

119 NIS monthly for individual accounts / 139 NIS for joint accounts (coming soon).

Invest in securities directly from your bank account