The ultimate banking

Our team manages your assets with care

Our team manages your assets with care

Checking, credit cards, savings, loans, bank guarantees, cashier's checks, ordering checkbooks, deposit by scanning checks and depositing postdated checks are all available in one app.

Self-employed - exempt or licensed business only.

Convenient banking at your fingertips

With the help of our professional banking team, you can discuss any matter or get valuable advice, 24 hours a day, 6 days a week, by phone or chat.

International credit card

International MasterCard credit or debit card. ONE plan customers benefit from 0% currency conversion fees, subject to reasonable usage as specified in the bank's fee structure. Saving you money on vacations and purchases abroad. Exempt from card fees, it can easily be used for your Google Pay and Apple Pay payment method, and it is eligible for even more valuable benefits.

Immediate credit line access

Eligible customers receive a credit card and a current account line of credit upon opening the account. Customers can adjust their line of credit at the discretion of the bank.

Attractive saving options for every need

Exceptional interest rates irrespective of deposit amount, on fixed-term deposits including daily, monthly or yearly terms.

Customized loans at affordable rates

Using our intelligent models, you can get personalized loans based on your repayment ability and save on interest costs. Our financial managers are able to provide recommendations about optimal financing methods based on our clients' needs and goals.

Efficient foreign currency exchange services

With the ONE plan, clients can save hundreds and even thousands of shekels on vacations and purchases abroad thanks to zero currency exchange fees while using the card, fee-free purchases and no account fees on currency transfers. 

Subject to reasonable limits as detailed in the bank's rate chart.

Coming soon

For One+, ONE plan clients

Capital market investing

Simple and convenient trading interface with attractive commissions. Initially, the service will be available for trading on US markets, and later on Israeli markets.


Pension consulting

Providing you with objective and friendly pension advice that will make your life easier.


Financial consulting package

Personalized financial advice based on your financial situation.


An agreement for consulting services must be signed before services can be provided.