Board of Directors & Shareholders


Prof. Amnon Shashua

Founder and controlling shareholder of ONE ZERO Digital bank. In December 2021, the bank completed a $ 120 million international round of funding led by the investors, the Swiss bank Julius Baer, the Chinese technology giant Tencent, and the Japanese investment fund SBI. Professor Shashua remains the bank's controlling shareholder and also participated in this round of funding.

Professor Amnon Shashua, one of the leading entrepreneurs within the local and international hi-tech industry, is the man behind a series of breakthrough technology companies in the field of artificial intelligence, such as Mobileye, the company leading the autonomous vehicle revolution (acquired by Intel); OrCam, which develops devices that helps people who are blind or partially sighted; and AI 21 Labs, which leverages artificial intelligence to create written texts. Amnon Shasua serves as a senior Vice President of Intel International, and the President and CEO of Mobileye. Alongside these ventures, Amnon is also a Computer Science Professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.  Shashua is additionally involved in philanthropic activities that promote equal opportunities in social and professional spheres and in specific with a particular focus on halping ultra-Orthodox men and women integrate within the job market.


Shouky Oren

Chairman of the Bank’s Board of Directors since August 2019

Shouky Oren, formerly the Accountant General of the Israeli Finance Ministry, was appointed Chairman of the Bank’s Board of Directors, before the bank received its license from the Bank of Israel in 2019. Shouky brings with him over 30 years of rich experience in the financial and banking markets in Israel and abroad, having previously held senior positions in the public and private sectors, including (but not limited to) Deputy CEO of the Investec Israel bank, CEO of the Leumi Swiss Bank, and CEO of Kardan N.V. Shouky has served as the Chairman of Dorad Energy Ltd.
since 2019, while simultaneously serving as an independent Director of real estate company Melisron.


Liz Cohen Yerushalmi

Bank Director, since December 2019

Liz Cohen Yerusalmi HAS A WEALTH OF EXPERIENCE WITH GLIBAL TECHNOLOGY COMPANIES, STOCK MARKETS, MERGERS AND ACQUISITIONS. Liz has served as Mobileye’s General Counsel since 2014, and has accompanied Mobileye through an IPO on the NYSE and acquisition by Intel. Since 2019, she serves as Vice President at Intel. Previously, she spent a decade as the General Counsel for AudioCodes, and four years as the President of ACC Israel.


Dudu Zaken

Board Member, since January 2021

Dudu Zaken has vast experience in banking regulation, having promoted competition and advancement within the banking industry. Dudu previously served as Supervisor of Banks at the Bank of Israel (until 2015), before which he filled a variety of senior positions within the Bank of Israel. In his role as Supervisor of Banks, Dudu and his team were in charge of promoting competition within the banking industry; their findings led to a series of reforms benefiting banking customers, including increased transparency on fees and interest rates, easier transition between banks, and the digitization of the banking network. Today, Dudu sits on the Investment Committee of Amitim Pension Funds, and serves as the Chairman of Tarya’s Credit Committee and The Israeli Center for Custody.


Carmela Avner

Board Member, since February 2023

Carmela Avner is a highly experienced senior manager with a wealth of expertise gained over more than three decades. Throughout her career, she has held various senior management positions within global organizations across diverse industries, spanning the business, private, and public sectors. Her extensive experience includes expertise in the fields of information systems, digital, operations, partnership management, and business transformation. She has held various significant positions, such as Deputy CEO of the Resources and Technological Innovation Division at the Bank of Jerusalem, Vice President of Business Transformation and Partnership Management at Strauss Water, Commissioner for Government ICT and Director of Available Administration at the Ministry of Finance, and several other senior management positions at Teva, NICE, and others. Presently, Carmela Avner serves as the Vice President of Business Transformation at LiveU.


Eyal Desheh

Board Member, since January 2021

Eyal Desheh has years of experience and vast knowledge in the fields of technology, smart payments, and banking. In his last role, Desheh served as the Chairman of Isracard, the largest credit card company in Israel. Prior to that, he served as the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Teva Pharmaceuticals, the CFO of Checkpoint, and a Board Member at ECI Telecom, Mobileye, and Stratasys. He also held a variety of positions at Bank HaPoalim, including Vice President of the bank’s New York branch.